Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sunday June 9 at 2:30 - New Exhibits in Fort Recovery State Museum to be Unveiled!

It's been a few years since a truly new exhibit has been added to the many displays and exhibits of the Fort Recovery State Museum. Thanks to Dr. Allen Bernard, a historical preservationist from Cincinnati, two very important and pertinent displays have been added to the museum: 

First, An original newspaper/journal published on December 18, of that year will be on permanent display in the Wabash Battle portion of the museum. This two+ centuries old newspaper contains the letter written by General Arthur St. Clair to Secretary of War Knox detailing the sad events which took place on our battlefield on November 4, 1791. Most people familiar with that history know the general accounts of the battle, but to read it as St. Clair reported it just days after this American tragedy, is a genuinely moving experience. This treasured artifact, now a part of our museum displays, was donated to the museum by Dr. Bernard. Happily, he will be on hand when this is unveiled on June 9. (2:30)

Second, An original Northwest Territory map as it was first created after the signing of the Greeneville Treaty of 1795 is the second display just now added to the museum! On the advice of Dr. Bernard, the local Fort Recovery Historical Society purchased this rare document to become a part of the museum displays to be viewed by the many guests who visit our museum from all over the country. This display is on the East wall of the museum at the conclusion of the Anthony Wayne portion of the museum. It too will be unveiled on June 9 prior to Dr. Bernard's formal presentation.

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