Saturday, September 10, 2022

Thanks for a great 2022 season!

The museum is now closed for the season. If you would like to schedule a personal tour during the off season please call or text the site director Kim Rammel at 419-852-0028. Kim can also be reached by e-mail at

Friday, August 19, 2022

Sunday August 28, 3:00 - Presentation by David Heckman

The newly scheduled August speaker is David Heckman, a researcher, writer and presenter regarding the Indian wars of the late 1700’s. He is particularly interested in St. Clair’s Battle on the banks of the Wabash because he had an ancestor who played an important part in that battle, was shot as part of the rear guard and left for dead, but then showed up at Fort Jefferson four days later.

Heckman also has a 20+ ft detailed map of every one of St. Clair’s forts and camps as well as Anthony Wayne’s forts and camps from Fort Washington to Fallen Timbers. Attendees at this August 28 presentation are invited to check out and photograph that detailed map.

This presentation which is free to the public will be held at the Nazarene Family Center, 401 E. Boundary St. Fort Recovery, 45846. Call 419-375-4384 for more information

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Sunday July 31, 3:00 - Presentation by Historian Harrison Frech!

Anthony Shane, A Bridge Between Cultures, The Settling of Shane’s Crossing (Rockford, OH)

Location: Nazarene Family Center 401 E Boundary St., Fort Recovery, 45846

Handicapped Accessible
Harrison Frech taught 42 years in the Parkway School system, the last 29 years as an American History and Government teacher. He retired in 2014. Now he speaks to groups in Mercer and Van Wert Counties on various topics in area history. Frech has an M. A. in American History from Youngstown State University and is the author of Anthony Shane: Scout, Interpreter, Town Founder and Witness to History and War, Mobs, Riot, Cholera, Amnesia and a Bombing: Stories of Area People and Incidents.
The subject of the presentation Anthony Shane, a man of French Canadian and Native American ancestry, was an interpreter, a scout, a trader and a town founder (Rockford, Ohio). He was a participant in many of the major events in the history of the Trans-Appalachian Frontier including fighting on the Native side against Anthony Wayne's campaign, on the United States side in several of the important battles of the War of 1812 in the Old Northwest. Shane served as interpreter for the negotiations for the post war treaties with the tribespeople and later for the Shawnee-Delaware Reservation in Kansas Territory. As a lifetime acquaintance of the famed Shawnee Tecumseh, he would be an important source for the leader's biographers. The experiences of Shane, his Delaware wife Young Bird Woman and their family showed some of the challenges to be faced by people of Native and mixed ancestry at the time.
Frech will have books available for purchase. 

No charge for the presentation.
Presented by the Fort Recovery State Museum, 419-375-4384

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Historical Scavenger Hunt! Participate now until Saturday June 18!

The Fort Recovery Historical Society is excited to sponsor a Historical Scavenger Hunt leading up to the Fort Recovery Harvest Jubilee! All participants will be given clues to different pieces of history they will need to gather at 12 different Historical sites in the Village limits.

Paper copies of the questions can be picked up at all Fort Recovery banks, Fort Recovery Insurance, and the Fort Recovery Museum (open daily from 12:00-5:00).

Clue questions can also be downloaded off our Facebook page or Website.

You can do this Scavenger Hunt on your own time and when completed participants must turn in the required hunt information from 4-7 pm on Saturday at the Jubilee headquarters to be entered for the chance to win a $50.00 merchants gift certificate!

This will be a fun activity for all kinds of groups, families, neighbors’ classmates or friends! Get everyone involved!

There is so much rich history to be learned about our little Village!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Guns and Weapons Specialist Speaking June 26, 3:00! Paul D. Lockhart

It will be a pleasure to host well-known and respected author, professor and lecturer, Paul Douglas Lockhart of Wright State University to Fort Recovery on the last Sunday of this month. His topic is: Firepower: How Weapons Shaped Warfare. Although his book covers many time-periods and wars, knowing his audience, Paul will specifically include Wabash Battle 1791 and the 1794 Anthony Wayne Battles of Fort Recovery and Fallen Timbers in his presentation.

Lockhart was here to participate in the John Winkler Battlefield Walk this spring, and at that time he said, “You have some very interesting weapons in the museum and near the monument that I bet you aren’t aware of! Now what could that be? He would not give a hint – just said he would reveal his “secret” when he came in June. So now is your curiosity also aroused?

In 1989, Lockhart earned his Ph.D. at Purdue University. His research interests include the history of Denmark, Norway, Scania, Iceland, Greenland, Schleswig-Holstein at the time of the Protestant Reformation. Wright State awarded Lockhart the title of Brage Golding Distinguished Professor of Research, and in 2022, he won the Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence, Wright State's highest award for academic achievement. The Ohio Academy of History selected him as Distinguished Historian for 2020-21.

Lockhart's book Firepower: How Weapons Shaped Warfare (2021) will be available for purchase and signing at this free and handicapped accessible event which will be held at Fort Recovery Nazarene Family Center, 401 E. Boundary St. Fort Recovery. (Call 419-375-4384 for more information)

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Sunday April 10, 3:00 - Presentation by Author Robert Kuck II

Author of Blood and Honor; The Life and Times of Fur Trader, Pierre Louis de Lorimier

This Author Coming Sunday, April 10 – 3:00. Location Nazarene Center, Fort Recovery

It is so exciting that this author of “Blood and Honor” is coming to Fort Recovery. But in order to make that possible, the museum will be presenting him BEFORE our museum officially opens for the 2022 season.

Bob lives in Sarasota, FL but is scheduled to appear at Wright State University on April 9, so it made financial sense to incorporate his appearance at Fort Recovery on his scheduled trip North. Please mark your calendars for this “promised to be great” appearance. I just finished this book in January, so I enthusiastically put my personal endorsement on the interest aroused and information contained in Blood and Honor!

Blood and Honor explores the life of French fur trader Pierre-Louis de Lorimier from his birth in Quebec in 1748 until his death in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1812. Since this is the exact time period leading up to, during and following “our” Wabash Indian/Army battle history, Kuck’s book really helps to “paint the complete picture.” Unlike most of our previous speakers and the books we sell, the events in Blood and Honor are described from the perspective and experiences of the French and Native Americans.

Pierre-Louis de Lorimier led a fascinating life, and Kuck certainly did it justice in the telling of his story. It will give you new and captivating ideas to contemplate. (thanks patron Ken Soward for the recommendation.)

For more information: 419-375-4384

No charge for presentation.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thank You 2022 Patrons!

Below are the Museum patrons for 2022 (as of May 1). YOU are the ones who have enabled the museum to be successful over the years. Obviously, little would be accomplished without your help and support! If we have missed anyone, please let us know .

General Mad Anthony Wayne - $1000
Eric , Pat Grieshop
Cy, Helen LeFevre
Wendel Poultry Service

Miami Chief Little Turtle- $500
Russ, Jeanne Belle
Mike, Brenda Grieshop
Buzz, Pat Hull
Wes, Patti Jetter

General Arthur St. Clair - $250
William Finley
Paul Heiby
Ed, Therese Hosbach
JR Manufacturing
Richard Kemper
Nancy Knapke
Wilbert, Annie Lochtefeld
Marcie, Ruth, Flinn Smith
Richard, Linda Smith
Kathy Thobe

Shawnee War Chief, Blue Jacket - $100
Tim, Mary Barman
Floyd, Joan Bergman
Milton, Charlene Bergman
Jason, Amy Bihn
Tom, Linda Boeckman
Brian, Mindy Bubp
Phil Campbell
Judith Damewood
Neil, Pat Diller
Randy, Mary Diller
Shorty, Jean Dues
Charles, Cathy Etzler
Jim, Kathy Faller
Bob Fiely
Ralph, Sandy Fireover
Paul, Ginny Fortkamp
Scott, Lisa Grieshop
Bob, Carol Hart
David Jackson
Dian Kaiser
Jerry, Lorri Kaup
Bob, Brenda Kaup
Dave, Lucy Kaup
Carl, Cathy Koesters
Ken, Janice Lamm
Lamm’s Insurance Agency
Tom, Joan Lamm
Tom, Lisa LeFevre
Gene, Barb Lennartz
Pat Meier
Bob, Karen Meiring
Cindy Moorman
Tom, Doris Muhlenkamp
Muhlenkamp & Asso.s LLC
Keith, Suzanne Nieberding
Dennis, Sharon Ontrop
Park National Bank
Charlene Pearson
Dave, Kim Rammel
John, Carol Ranly
Tom Ratterman
Ken, Elaine Romer
Bruce, Sharon Scott
Ken Sowards
Chuck, Lucy Staugler
Irene Stone
Christine Thompson
Tin Cupboard
Mike, Jill Walter
Rick, Beth Weber
Tracy Evers Westgerdes in memory- Mike Evers
Joe, Donna Whitacre
David, Norma Will
Ed, Debbie Zumstein  

Delaware War Chief, Buckongahelas - $50
Nancy Abels
Jason, Jill Andrews
Jami Brunk
James Cudlip
Louis, Jeanette Diller
Bud, Mary Granger
Mark, Donna Grube
Mark, Natalie Hamberg
Mary Holfacker
Oscar Jutte
Eric, Amy Kaiser
Marjorie Kaup Haines
Tom, Tess Kaup
Larry, Diana Keller
Jerry, Mary Lou Kramer
Timothy Mann
Chuck, Natalie Meinerding
Rich, Barb Meiring
Mercer Savings Bank
Kim, Brent Niekamp
Jeff, Linda Nietfeld
Ed, Debra Nixon
Janie Overley
Dale, Alice Pearson
Patrick, Nancy Reinhard
Mike, Sharon Roessner
Mary Schmitz
Chris, Cheryl Schoen
Ton, Amanda Siegrist
Mike, Sandy Stein
James, Pat Sudhoff
Terry, Deb Wellman
Roger, Cheryl Wenning
Ron, Linda Zehringer

Red Haired Nance - $25
Roger, Kathy Broerman
Larry Brunk
Mark, Marylene Brunswick
Mara Cox
John, Pauline Faller
Holly Gann
Matt, Chrissy Hart
Joe, Nikki Hawk
Jon, Kate Hein
Joe, Esther Heitkamp
Kevin Keller
Angie King
Ken, Lil Knapke
Rick Knoth
Don, Linda Lennartz
Dan Lowery
Pat, Mary Niekamp
Carlton, Mary Rhoades
Doug Roebuck
Dave, Janet Roessner
Ed, Laura Snyder
Pat Sommer
Jack, Marcia Staugler
James, Laura Wagner
Les, Pat Wenning
Kirby Whitacre

General Richard Butler-- $10 (individual membership)
Willis Beck
Frank Butwin
Dustie Ide
Joan Kaiser
Tim Wellman