Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday July 7 at 3:00 - Speaker Joe Beatty

"Live in Their Shoes, Die in Their Shoes: The Story of Captain Erkuries Beatty and Ensign Samuel  Beatty and Their Service In General St. Clair's Army"
How many times do you get to hear the recounting of the November 4, 1791 St. Clair Battle from a direct connection to that fateful day? Speaker Joe Beatty is the 5th generation descendant of Capt. Erkuries Beatty of the 1st Regiment in Gen. St. Clair's Army, and a cousin to Ensign Samuel Beatty of the 2nd Regiment of Levies 1791. "Beatty" is etched in the granite of the monument with the other officers who died in the battles here.

Joe is very knowledgeable about his ancestors and the battle of the Wabash! As a matter of fact this presenter has shared "our" story throughout Texas, his home today. Joe is a native of Darke County and a graduate of Greenville High School and The Ohio State University. He completed ROTC flight training with an ATP rating, and he completed the Kellogg Executive Management Training. His professional career has been mostly in the energy sector.

 His last 25 year focus was in Russia and in Central Asian Republics. Among his accomplishments was founding a company to support and manufacture USA products in Russia. He is an avid contributor to community projects and serves as a board member of the Texas War Memorial and is on the Superintendent's Advisory Committee for the 15th largest school district in the United States!

Fort Recovery Museum Community Room.  No Charge

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