Monday, August 19, 2013

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

National Park Service ABPP Grants Awarded!

The Department of Anthropology at Ball State University has been awarded two 2013 National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) grants to continue its archaeological research and preservation work at Fort Recovery. An update on these two new grants and the current 2012 ABPP grant will be given at the Fort Recovery Historical Society on Tuesday August 21. We are all thrilled to be able to continue the work to further preserve and protect our battlefield!
For more information:
National Park Service News Release
2013 ABPP Awards

American Battlefield Protection Program Grant 2012
July 2012 - We are pleased to announce that Ball State University's Department of Anthropology, in collaboration with the Fort Recovery State Museum, Fort Recovery Historical Society, and the Ohio Historical Society, has received a $54,416 American Battlefield Protection Program Grant from the National Park Service to continue research at Fort Recovery. This grant will research and submit a National Register for Historic Places nomination for the battlefields of the Battle of the Wabash and the Battle of Fort Recovery.

National Park Service 2012 ABPP Grant Awards
National Park Service News Release
Ohio Archaeology Blog

American Battlefield Protection Program Grant 2010
July 2010 - As part of the National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program grant, Ball State University's Department of Anthropology held an archaeology field school from May 16 to June 17, 2010 under the direction of Dr. Mark Groover. As part of their excavation, the field school students discovered a 2 ft wide trench that extended 17 ft east/west almost exactly aligned with the Greenville Treaty Line. The trench contained multiple closely-spaced post holes of various sizes with battlefield period artifacts (including bone buttons, shell buttons, lead musket ball, Charleville musket center band) found in or close to the trench. The trench with postholes almost certainly extends beyond 17 ft - additional excavation units in the future could confirm this. The trench/post hole feature most likely represents a palisade wall of the fort or a fort-related structure.
American Battllefield Protection Program Grant Report
Ohio Historical Society "New Discoveries at Fort Recovery" video - August 2011

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Monument 100th Anniversary Re-Dedication Photos and Links - May 5, 2013

Fort Recovery Monument Park  In 1908, President William Howard Taft signed a bill that allowed for the building of a monument in Fort Recovery. The monument was built in 1912 and dedicated on July 1, 1913. The obelisk stands at 101', 4" tall. It weighs approximately 800 tons and cost $23,700 to build. The nine foot statue depicts a frontiersman facing west and looking out at the beautiful land into which he triumphed. Underneath the base of the monument are the remains of those people killed under the commands of Arthur St. Clair and Anthony Wayne. 32 medallions surround the base of the monument, each inscribed with the name of an officer killed in battle here. Four bronze plaques also surround the base of the monument. Each Memorial Day weekend, over 900 crosses are placed in Monument Park in remembrance of the fallen soldiers. The park is located at the corner of OH-49 and OH-119.

Click below for various media coverage of the Monument 100th Anniversary Re-dedication.

Photo Collection and Comments of James Wagner
Monument Ceremony Photos by Bob Hart - Album 2
Monument Ceremony Photos by Bob Hart - Album 1
Program for the 100th Anniversary Monument Ceremony
WHIO TV "Re-dedicated Monument 100 years later in Fort Recovery" - 5/7/13
Daily Standard Article "Fort Recovery honors frontier combatants" - 5/6/13
Photos by the Daily Standard's Mark Pummell - 5/6/13
Lima TV Stations "Fort Recovery Monument Re-dedicated" - 5/5/13
Ohio Histore-news "Fort Recovery Monument Marks 100 Years" - 5/2/13
The Lima News Article "A time to honor: Fort Recovery to rededicate monument" - 4/28/13
WCSM Spectrum Interview - Kevin Sandler with Kathy Thobe and Nancy Knapke - 4/23/13
News Release - 4/23/13
Daily Standard Article "Descendants to help bring Fort Recovery's past alive" - 4/15/13

These Prezis were created at Fort Recovery Local Schools, in the 7th Grade Tech Citizenship class taught by District Technology Facilitator and Teacher, Cindy Moorman.These three Prezis by Will, Samantha, and Bridget were chosen among the best of the many done by the students.
Monument Prezi by Will
Monument Prezi by Samantha
Monument Prezi by Briget