Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Opportunity for new FRHS Space - Partners Needed!

The Fort Recovery Historical Society has the opportunity to acquire a new space for our local history collections and programming. However, this new space is too much for the historical society to manage on its own. The space would seat over 100 comfortably, providing for large or small meetings/gatherings. It would also provide a place to properly store, and/or display past, present and future donations made to the Historical Society and relating to the last 225 years of Fort Recovery History.

If any local group or individual is interested in partnering with the historical society on managing and using this additional space, please email or call one of the following FR Historical Society officers and Museum trustees: Irene Stone (l-istone@bright.net 419 375-2364), Kathy Thobe (kmthobe@bright.net 419 375-4227), Pat Diller (npdiller@bright.net 419 375-4624), Nancy Knapke (fortnancy@bright.net 419 375-4384), or Christine Thompson (ckthompson733@aol.com 260 251-9074).

We look forward to hearing from anyone that might be interested in partnering with us!

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