Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 Summer Speaker Series Announced!

We are excited to announce our presenters for the Fort Recovery's Museum 2016 Speaker Series!

All presentations will be held in the Museum Meeting Room, 1 Fort Site Street, Fort Recovery, Oh, 45846. Attendance for each presentation is free, and the public is welcome.

Sunday, May 1, 3:00 - The Mysteries Discovered/Uncovered at SunWatch Village
Bill Kennedy - Site Manager - SunWatch Village, Dayton, Ohio

Named Sun Watch because archaeologists believe that the "uncovered" circular complex of posts of this village related to astronomical measurements, this village of Fort Ancient people along the Great Miami River left behind some fascinating hints, mysteries and information. Hear about them as told through the eyes, experiences and research of archaeologist and site manager Kennedy.

Sunday, June 12, 3:00 - What Recent Archaeology Tells Us about Wabash 1791 and the Battle of Fort Recovery 1794!
Chris Thompson - Archaeologist, Applied Anthropology Laboratories, Ball State University

Imagine, even after 225 years, discoveries are being made that further inform what is known about the largest Native American/US Army battle to take place - the Battle of the Wabash of 1791. With the support of American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) grants (National Park Service), many acres of the battlefield have been studied and have provided new and interesting information about different aspects of the battle. A large display pertaining to the archaeology of the battlefield and fort will be available for viewing during this presentation and the following week of the Community's 225 Celebration.

 (This speaker/presentation is scheduled to coincide with the community's 225 year celebration. An outdoor drama of the town's history - including the battles - will be held in the evening. See for more information.)

Sunday, July 17, 3:00 - One of the Greatest Cities of the World, Cahokia!  
William Iseminger - Archaeologist, Site Manager, Cahokia Mounds, IL
The remains of the most sophisticated prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico are preserved at Cahokia Mounds of Collinsville, Illinois, a few miles from St. Louis. Covering over 2,200 acres Cahokia was one of the greatest cities of the world - larger than London in 1250! Hear Iseminger tell about the resident Mississippians who were accomplished builders, erected a wide variety of structures from homes to monumental public works that have kept their grandeur for centuries. The story of their culture, their government, religion etc. is fascinating. A sophisticated civilization that survived and prospered for 900 years! Imagine that! You may not be able to visit Cahokia, but, through this presentation, you can take the trip vicariously!

Sunday, September 25, 3:00 - Tippecanoe 1811; The Prophet's Battle
John Winkler - Author, Tippecanoe, Columbus/Brookeville OH

The Tippecanoe campaign of 1811 - a conflict born out of festering tensions brought on by the 1795 Treaty of Greeneville, which had ended the Northwestern Indian War and attempted to prevent white settlers from putting down roots in newly defined Indian territories. For 16 years there had been peace, but in 1811 the number of settlers in the Ohio territory had grown to 250,000. War was again coming to the North West. Winkler explores the dramatic build up to the conflict as 'The Prophet' Tenskatawa and his brother Tecumseh rallied the tribes to drive back the American settlers once and for all. (This is part of the Oxford Press' Campaign West Series. The FR Museum will have this book - Tippecanoe 1811- and Winkler's previous books - Wabash 1791; Fallen Timbers 1794; and Point Pleasant 1774 for sale/on sale this day at the museum. Books can be signed by the author.

Saturday, November 5, 10:00 - 3:00 - Wabash 1791 Symposium (225 Anniversary!)
A Battlefield Walk with John Winkler; Presenters: Chris Thompson; George Ironstrack; Stephen Paper; large display of posters and pictures pertaining to the battlefield and fort.
To Be Detailed for Nov. 5
* Stephen Paper - Author of An Army Lost                                                          
* Chris Thompson - The Wabash 1791 Battlefield, What Archaeology Documents!
* George Ironstrack - Coordinator of Myaamia Project, Miami University
* Cam Shriver - Ohio State University PhD Candidate
* Other speakers to be added and more details will follow!


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