Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017 Calendar of Events coming soon!

2017 Calendar of Events coming soon!

Opportunity for new FRHS Space - Partners Needed!

The Fort Recovery Historical Society has the opportunity to acquire a new space for our local history collections and programming. However, this new space is too much for the historical society to manage on its own. The space would seat over 100 comfortably, providing for large or small meetings/gatherings. It would also provide a place to properly store, and/or display past, present and future donations made to the Historical Society and relating to the last 225 years of Fort Recovery History.

If any local group or individual is interested in partnering with the historical society on managing and using this additional space, please email or call one of the following FR Historical Society officers and Museum trustees: Irene Stone (l-istone@bright.net 419 375-2364), Kathy Thobe (kmthobe@bright.net 419 375-4227), Pat Diller (npdiller@bright.net 419 375-4624), Nancy Knapke (fortnancy@bright.net 419 375-4384), or Christine Thompson (ckthompson733@aol.com 260 251-9074).

We look forward to hearing from anyone that might be interested in partnering with us!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Battles and museum featured on OhioPodcast.com!

Listen to Museum Director Nancy Knapke on OhioPodcast.com! Thank you OhioPodcast for the opportunity and promoting Fort Recovery history!
Part 1: St. Clair's Campaign
Part 2: Battle of Fort Recovery; Museum Tour

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday, September 25, 3:00 - "Tippecanoe, 1811; The Prophet's Battle", Author John Winkler

For 16 years after the Greenville Treaty, there was peace, but in 1811 the settlers in the Ohio territory numbered nearly 250,000. War appeared to be coming again to the North West. Plan to attend this presentation and hear John explain the dramatic build up to the conflict as 'The Prophet' and his brother Tecumseh rallied the tribes to drive back the American settlers once again! Mark your calendars now - Sunday, September 25. Tippecanoe, 1811 books available at the museum.

All presentations will be held in the Museum Meeting Room, 1 Fort Site Street, Fort Recovery, Oh, 45846. Attendance for each presentation is free, and the public is welcome

Annual One-Of-A-Kind Auction - October 16, 2016 (link included to auction items)

Annual One-Of-A-Kind Auction - Up, Up, And Away! 
Sunday, October 16, 5:00 pm, Fort Recovery Elementary/Middle School
You can see the auction items here!  Check back often as new items will be added as they come in.

Check the sheets below for some of the featured items at this year's auction. In addition to the live and silent auction items, there are several special raffle items including a $1200 necklace from Jones Jewelry; an iPad Mini 2 from Ivan Kaffenberger; and a 22 Ruger Rifle from Tom and Judge Mary Pat Zitter.
Tickets for the auction ($10) or for the necklace are available in Fort Recovery at Kaups Pharmacy, Fort Recovery Insurance, and all of the banks. Or just come that night and pick up tickets at the door!
Come enjoy a fun night with others who like to have a good time and support the historical sites at the same time! Tom and Tess Kaup of Forget-Me-Not florists and artistically talented Pat Hull are in charge of the decorations again this year. What a great scene and ambience they create for that night. Up, Up and Away!!!

Saturday, November 5, 9:00-4:00 - Wabash 1791 Symposium

Registration Form now available! Registration deadline October 1.  Registration limited to 40 attendees.

Mural Updates!

A Mural Update from Museum Director Nancy Knapke's August Newsletter.
1. The Jubilee Mural - Complete! Committee is pleased! Lots of great comments!
Thanks Tom Sanderell!
2. The Postage Stamp Murals - Artist, Dan Keyes is working on the background above/around!
Thanks Anonymous Donor - you know who you are!
3. The Welcome Mural - Completed! By local talent - Angi Clark. Great Greeting for Visitors! Bruce Scott of Fort Electric will soon be getting night-light on it.
Thanks First Financial for making that illumination possible! Thanks Ed Kaiser Family (Bob, Peg, Jerry, Chuck) for funding mural materials and artist.
4. The Battle Murals - Dan Keyes' next mural project - on the side of Second National Bank. Project will be the focus late summer/this fall as weather allows! This one is a big, big project, so don't expect completion until 2017. Quality work takes quality time! 
Thank you Second National for the wonderful "new" wall and to Tom Sanderell again for funding!